Akshat Sapphire Sterling Silver (92.5% purity) Spiritual OM Pendant for Men & Women Pure Silver Religious OM Locket for Good Health & Wealth

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Material Type: Sterling Silver with 92.5 % Purity
Light weight and High precise design
The product has gone through strict quality checks to ensure high finishing
Silver metal is anti allergic and skin friendly. You will feel comfortable wearing it.
The product has been made available to you at best price in the market
The product belongs to Akshat Sapphire Brand, which is an established brand in silver and semi precious stone jewellery. The silver purity is guaranteed and comes with the Akshat Sapphire Guarantee certificate.

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Sterling Silver Spiritual OM Pendant (silver with 92.5% purity) is an ideal, unique, and devotional gift or an accessory available for all age group people. You can be a man, woman, boy, girl, or still in your school, this locket of Divine OM can we wear with a chain made with white gold, gold, silver, or any metal. Also, some people can wear a red or black thread. It is manufactured and designed with pure dedication, divinity, and sanctification towards a lord.
Longevity, no dullness or fade (no lose of color)
Weather resistant
Skin friendly
Unique design having devotional touch
Cost-efficient gift for all age

This product will prove to be a memorable gift. Silver is the most cost-effective choice for gifting someone whom you love. The pendant passes through strict quality checks and industry standards. Thus, the product has high finishing, light in weight, and offers a highly defined design. Sterling Silver has an anti-allergic property and ensures skin-friendly comforts. The beautiful collection of rare OM pendant incorporates beautiful design, which offer precious memorabilia. Users will feel comfortable wearing it. It looks incredible with any informal or ethnic wear. It carries a sentiment that can create any juncture attractive on a birthday, anniversary, or other special occasion. If you are searching for an amazingly unique gift, then you could buy this Sterling Silver OM pendant now.

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Weight0.2 kg
Dimensions12 × 10 × 8 cm


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